Overview of Each Standardized Test

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SAGE is my acronym for the four primary Standardized Tests for which I help students review:  SATACTGREEOG.  Yet more than these four Standardized Tests exist.  If you are interested in preparing for any Standardized Test, please contact me either by email or phone.  If you would like, you may pose a query on my blog. I am located in Carrboro, NC, but provide services to Chapel Hill, Apex and surrounding areas of NC.

SAT ~~

Still foremost choice for college entrance, the SAT test is administered to more than 2 million students every year.  The test consists of 10 sections (one of which does not count toward your score), covering three subjects (Critical Reading, Writing, and Math), that include one essay plus approximately 195 questions.  The allotted time is four hours. Scores for each subject are scaled from 200-800 and added for a total score.  With a maximum total score of 2400, there is much room for improvement.

ACT ~~

And increasingly accepted college entrance test, the ACT Assessment Test consists of four sections (all count) covering for subjects. Three hours are permitted to answer 215 questions. Scoring is vastly unlike the SAT; therefore, the approach to taking this test is equally different. The margin for improvement is somewhat narrower than the SAT since the maximum comprehensive score is only 36.  The total score for the ACT test is calculated by averaging the four “test” scores.

GRE ~~

For Graduate School entrance, the GRE test is a computer-based test* containing three subject areas, plus one unidentified section that does not count toward your score.  You are given a maximum of 3 ½ hours to complete all four sections.  Graduate Schools look at GRE test scores as a measure of Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing skills.  (*Some regions offer paper-based test.)

EOG ~~

EOG tests are designed to measure a student’s proficiency in accordance with State requirements.