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Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It is now a statistical fact that children with lower GPA scores (the typical B – C student) can out-score students who have consistently achieve higher marks (As and Bs), if the former reviews while the latter does not.

Here’s your chance to prepare for the ACT and succeed with SAGE Tutelage of Carrboro ACT Test Preparation — in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas. If you are a student preparing to take the ACT test for college, SAGE Tutelage can help you achieve higher test scores.


The ACT Test continues to gain popularity

Mandated by many high schools in North Carolina, it is becoming essential to prepare for this test because the approach to taking the ACT differs vastly from that of the SAT.

The next ACT is sooner than you think — prepare now!




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The ACT Test Is Composed Of 4 Sections (called Tests) –

The ACT is composed of four sections, referred to as “tests.”  Each “test” is for different subjects:  English, Math, Reading, and Science.  Additionally, when a student takes the ACT at his or her high school, the ACT’s Essay section is NOT OPTIONAL.


The ACT Test Begins With An English Test

Every ACT begins with an English Test.  The writers of the ACT use the term “English” to mean English Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics.  There are question comprised of 39 multiple-choice questions relating to Sentence Structure, Style, Word Usage, properly used Parts of Speech, Punctuation, and the like.  The English section contains    multiple-choice questions.  Test takers are given 45 minutes to complete this section of the ACT test.

 The Second Part of the ACT Test – The Math Test

The second “test” is a Math Test.  Students get 60 minutes to do 60 questions.  Be ready to see a comprehensive choice of Math questions on the ACT.  The Math Section includes questions on Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry.  For example you will find questions on numbers, counting, measurement,  simultaneous equations, area or surface area, perimeter or circumference of a circle, square, rectangular, triangle, solids (such as sphere, boxes, cubes, cones, etc.), slope, slope intercept, slope form, distance formula, quadratic equations, sine, cosine, tangent, and more.

So ask yourself these two questions: “Do I remember all my Math Subjects from 4th through 10th grade?”  It’s dubious.

“Would some Test Preparation benefit me?”  You bet!


The Third Section Of The ACT Test – The Reading Test

The third section is a Reading Test.  Students get 60 minutes to do 60 questions.  Speed and accuracy count.  Questions are not chronologically ordered, so I teach how to most efficiently tackle this section.


The Fourth Section Of The ACT Test – The Science Test

The fourth and final section on the ACT is labelled a Science Test.  The writers of the ACT label this last section Science, but it is more another Reading section comprised of shorter passages on Science and Science Labs.  You will be asked to abstract information from charts and tables as well as written context similar to logs.  You do not need to know about the Science topic, rather


REMEMBER: this is a Standardized Test!  The ACT questions are looking to determine your ability to ferret out and comprehend important information within a broader context.



SAGE Tutelage of Chapel Hill – Carrboro, NC can PREPARE YOU TO SUCCEED –

The ACT is offered five times each year.

Let your Standardized Test scores be an accurate reflection of your highest potential.

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SAGE is an acronym for the primary four Standardized Tests:


Preparation for other Standardized Tests (EOC, GED, etc.) is also available.  If you are interested in preparing for the ACT test, another Standardized Test, or need homework help, please contact Ms. Leah as soon as possible.