About Ms. Leah, Headmistress

Education is my lifestyle – not just a career choice!  All my life I’ve been a teacher of sorts.  By the age of 19, I was teaching ballroom dance at the Arthur Murray Studio on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  In 1985, I worked as a Holistic Psychotherapist for National Grid (nka Long Island Lighting Company LILCO) with Kenneth Greenspan, MD as Consultants for Wellness. I instructed Nuclear Engineers, and employees from Executive VPs to Customer Relations Reps, in the art of Peak Performance via Biofeedback-Assisted Self Regulation and Stress Management. Dr Greenspan passed in 1997; the company asked me to stay on as the primary Consultant. I did until 2001: another merge required cut backs of staff and programs.

All this while, I also considered working with teenagers. My theory: the sooner one learns to master high stress levels while maintaining focused awareness, the more capable of facing challenges one becomes. Teaching Test Preparation afforded me an opportunity to combine my talents and achieve this goal.

I taught at The Princeton Review in Long Island, New York until I moved to Florida.  At Judy Robinowitz/Score at the Top, I was recognized for my unique abilities not only to effectively teach course content but also to connect with 4th – 12th grade children. I specialize in problem-solving, contextual application, and devising various alternative methods to reach students using non-standard methods. And, with a Stress Management and Psychotherapy background… a unique package! In Florida I was working as a Master Teacher, training new teachers to prepare students for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, and FCAT which is similar to the EOC/EOG, in Florida.  (Florida Standards Alternate  Assessment Test is the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test).

2004 brought reason to live between NY and Florida – I relocated to North Carolina where I founded SAGE Tutelage, so named as an acronym derived from my propensity toward teaching preparedness for the SAT test, ACT test, GRE test, EOG/EOC tests. My belief is that I can teach students to Stress Less and Score Higher thereby enabling them to Beat Every Standardized Test. I have also prepared students for the SSAT, PSAT, FCAT, and various school subjects.

Test Preparation is not my only talent. I am able to tutor ALL AGES in most school subjects and still have occasion to coach a select few to dance, sing, play and listen intelligently to music.

I cannot imagine a day when I shall have nothing to teach, any more than I can imagine a day when I no longer have something to learn!