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If you choose to have your lessons online (FaceTime and Zoom available), you can receive up to 12% discount on the regular fees.  Please contact Miss Leah for more detail.

PLEASE CALL OR TEXT  (919-548-7225)
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SAGE Tutelage offers professional instruction in Standardized Test Preparation in the classroom as well as in an individual (one-on-one) setting.  For students in Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro, Apex, Cary, as well as Wilmington and other areas North Carolina.  Classes and individual lessons are offered for all standardized tests, and we specialize in the most popular tests which are, of course:

If you are interested in one-on-one (a tutor), or a small group (5 or 6 students), I offer a FREE  phone consultation.  Please contact me: call or text 919-548-7225; or email sagetutelage@gmail.com


Dear Parent, 

The 2021 Spring season is now!  There are only a few appointment slots open.  One-on-one tutoring is for the serious-minded students.  Elite classes (scroll down for more information on the Elite Class) may be formed throughout the year; location “LIVE” in Pittsboro.  Elite classes hold a MAXIMUM OF ONLY SIX SEATS and therefore boasts an intimate setting allowing for much more personal attention given to your child’s specific needs, especially as compared to larger institutions that offer test prep. 

Classes are 1.75 hours* in length (no break) and are held either in the home of the host/hostess or at the Chapel Hill Public Library.  *Class time may vary, if desired.  However, once a class starts, lessons are held consecutive weeks, without any “vacation” or “special” breaks.  (Federal holidays are the exception.)

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please send an email to inform me of your needs:

  • subjects in which your child needs the most work, including ACT, SAT, EOG, specific subjects, homework help, etc.
  • you/your child’s schedule availability, including days and times
  • your location (be specific, ie your community)
  • your child’s current school and average grade
  • whether you prefer an intimate “Elite” Class (Pittsboro) or individual tutoring (online or in your home)

So that we may best serve you, please contact me as soon as possible.  Ms Leah’s schedule is often in flux, but does fill up rather quickly.

Instructor’s Background

Ms. Leah was trained and certified by the Princeton Review of Long Island, New York in 1997 and has since obtained Master Teacher/Tutor status.
She worked in New York with the Princeton Review until 2003, when she relocated to FL and taught for Judi Robinowitz: Score At The Top in Boca Raton.  Ms. Robinowitz, a writer for The College Board’s Official Manual before the opening of her schools, offered Miss Leah a Directorship.  Miss Leah taught classes, tutored individual students, and trained other teachers in both SAT and ACT Prep classes.  Today, Miss Leah sees private students in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Apex, Cary, and Pittsboro, NC, and teaches SAT Prep classes in a private school in Chapel Hill.

An Experienced Tutor

Miss Leah has 22 years experience tutoring all subjects and question types that make up Standardized Tests such as the EOG, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, and FCAT.  Her students invariably rate Miss Leah “well above average” in knowledge, delivery, and approachability, as well as caring, dedication, and congeniality.  With 18 years prior experience as a Holistic Psychotherapist, Ms. Leah understands that students have a myriad of emotions, especially with regard to test-taking, school work, and extra-curricula course work.  She is considered to be both fair-minded and trustworthy.
Sage Tutelage’s ELITE Class

The ELITE CLASS is Miss Leah’s unique concept!  Since there are only 4, 5, or 6 seats available, each class member receives some individual attention.  These classes are becoming very popular not only because of the student-to-teacher ratio but also because of the pricing Sage Tutelage offers.  Sage Tutelage offers the same top quality of large test prep companies for a fraction of the cost.   APPLICATION MAY BE NECESSARY TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS. 

A Typical SAT Class 

The SAT class will benefit ANY teenager preparing to take the SAT.  Topics include the Structure and Scoring of the SATPacing, Goal SettingReading Strategies, Vocabulary Building; Essay Construction, Grammar Review, Error Identification, Sentence Structure and Improvement; and Math Question Techniques.
Techniques specific to the various question types, including actual Critical ReadingWriting, and Math questions will as be practiced and explained.  Students’ specific questions will be addressed.

New classes are continually being offered.

Test Score Improvement

Test score improvement occurs when the student attends and participates in class, does all assignments as explained, and asks appropriate questions.  Typically, students scoring within the average range (per subject) will see the greatest score increase provided they attend all classes and do all assignments as instructed.  Students in the higher range also see improvement and experience more confidence and ease in test taking.  Those students who are now scoring above 720 or below 480 (per subject) can benefit, but are best served with one-on-one lessons.  The average student will see an increase of 120 points overall on test scores.  I have assisted students increase as much as 400 points! 


Class Rules

The techniques need to be practiced.  Students are to regard assignments as such.  The best means to analyze problem areas is to look at the students’ work.  Therefore, SHOW YOUR WORK!
Written quizzes, oral quizzes, and simulation periods will help define the students’ strengths.
Notate individual difficulties and bring them into class for review and discussion.
Students who simply “do problems” to get through the assignments, rather than practice the methods, as instructed, are not utilizing nor learning the process.  Those who do not utilize the strategies will not see a significant improvement. Those who do follow, review, and practice, will increase their scores.

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